Top 5 Background Check Articles Of 2015

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As 2015 comes to an end, you may be ready for a fresh start and a fresh look at your organization’s background checking process.

To help you prepare for the New Year, we have tallied the list of the top 5 employment background check articles based on your traffic and feedback.

We hope 2016 brings you a wealth of background checking success!

#1:  Employment Verification: A Crucial Check

Confirming a job candidate’s past work experience is one of the most important background checks an employer can conduct.

Looking into a candidate’s past work history can reveal insight into their job stability and loyalty to an employer.

Employers should compare what a candidate claims on their resume with the actual information reported by a background screening company.

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#2:  Can Employers Test for Prescription Drugs?

Many of today’s employers are concerned with the impact of prescription drugs on the workplace.

After all, the use and abuse of prescription medications, like illicit drugs, can sometimes have negative effects on the workplace: increasing the potential for on-the-job accidents, impacting job performance, and providing a stronger impetus for workplace theft.

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#3:  4 Common Flaws in Employment Drug Testing Programs

An inadequate drug testing program could fail to detect individuals who abuse illegal drugs or other illegal substances.

Such individuals can pose an increased risk of causing a workplace accident, which could result in costly litigation and reputation damage.

For organizations with state or federal contracts, employing an individual that abuses substances could pose compliance risks.

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#4:  Avoiding the Top Six Form I-9 Compliance Mistakes

The I-9 form comes with enough rules and regulations to fill a 69-page how-to manual, the M-274 Handbook for Employers.

There are many common mistakes and human errors that can be made while completing and maintaining I-9 records.

If an employer fails to complete or maintain I-9 documentation correctly, that employer may fall out of compliance with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) rules and suffer harsh financial penalties.

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#5:  Four Common Myths about Drug Testing

When it comes to employment drug testing, there are several common misunderstandings and misconceptions, both for companies and individuals.

When reviewing the evidence, these common drug testing myths and widely held misconceptions can truly be busted!

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When Can An Employer Ask About Criminal History?
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